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Terms  & Conditions



1.1 This website (referred to as "Site") is published and maintained by PT Golden Agin Nusa (referred to as "PT GAN" or "us"). By using the Site, you agree to all the terms and conditions set out in the legal notice in the Privacy Policy and all applicable laws and regulations (collectively, the "Terms of Use").

1.2 By using this Site, you represent that you have legal authority to agree to these Terms of Use on your own behalf and on any party you represent. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the Site.



2.1 We may change or change these Terms of Use from time to time. Therefore you must open these pages every time you visit the Site.

2.2 If you continue to use the Site after we have changed or changed the Terms of Use, you have agreed to the new Terms of Use.



All material displayed on this Site is provided "as is". We strive to display all information and color descriptions of our products and services as best we can, but we are not responsible for and do not guarantee that the descriptions are current or free from errors.



4.1 Products and services displayed on the Site may not be available in the country or region where you are located, or anywhere. Notices regarding products and services listed on the Site are for reference only, and do not imply or guarantee that the product or service will be available in your country or location or anywhere.

4.2 You should ask about the availability of certain products and services in your area from the official network of product distributors (hereinafter referred to as "Distributors") listed on the Distributor Directory page.



5.1 This site was created not for the purpose of a transaction between PT Golden Agin Nusa and you, but only to provide information about products or services produced by PT Golden Agin Nusa. All sales and delivery actions of the products or services listed on the Site are the full responsibility of Distributors who market / sell our products or services, even if you know information about the products or services from our Site.

5.2 For the avoidance of doubt, every transaction / agreement for the sale of a product or service is an agreement or agreement made directly by the Distributor with you as the buyer, which only binds the Distributor with the buyer.

5.3 All losses incurred due to Distributor actions are the sole responsibility of the Distributor, and you hereby agree to release us from all forms of liability, litigation or claims for any losses that may arise from transactions between you and the Distributor.



6.1 All material, including but not limited to images, software, text and graphics, buttons, keywords, metatags, and general 'look and feel' (hereinafter referred to as "Content") contained on the Site are protected by copyright based on national law and international pacts. Company signs, logos and emblems displayed on the Site are in accordance with trademark rights and other rights

6.2 You cannot use Content, except as specified in this document. Violating these Terms of Use can be considered a violation of our intellectual property rights or our service providers, and we may take legal action to protect those rights.

6.3 Content can be displayed and printed, and documents contained on the Site can be circulated as long as the documents are only used for non-commercial information and personal purposes, and we must be notified every time the document is used. You may not exchange, modify, sell, reverse engineer, or distribute any material on the Site.

6.4 Press releases and other documents classified as public may be used for public communication on our Site as long as the source of the information is mentioned.

6.5 If you send communications or any material to the Site via electronic mail or other means, all such communications will be handled as non-confidential and not exclusive.

6.6 We are free to use, without any compensation to you, any concepts, ideas, practical knowledge, or techniques in any communication that you send to the Site for any purpose. However, you agree that we are under no obligation to use these ideas or material, and you have no right to force their use.



7.1 Users of services offered through this Site agree to:

7.1.1 Provide true, accurate, current and complete information as requested in the Usage Registration form (the information is referred to as "Registration Data"); and

7.1.2 Maintain and promptly update Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.

7.2 If you provide any information that is incorrect, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your access to or to use the service.



8.1 For your convenience, the Site may include links to sites on the internet that are owned, published and maintained by third parties.

8.2 The linked sites are not under our control, so we are not responsible for the content of those sites.

8.3 Links are not, and are not intended to, create or form legal affiliations between us and any third party, any obligations or responsibilities on our part for any third party content, advice, statements, products or services, or endorsement, warranty or any warranty of products and services or their performance or quality.

8.4 You acknowledge that complying with the terms and conditions of each linked site as such is your responsibility.



9.1 Distribution of data via the internet is not private and fully secure. You understand that any message or information that you send to the Site can be read or intercepted by others. Furthermore, you should not give your password to anyone.

9.2 Also if when you share a computer with others, you must exit the Site and close your browser window after you finish using it.

9.3 Under no circumstances will we be responsible for unauthorized actions by third parties committed with the intent to terminate the Site's security protocol



10.1 You agree that you may receive information relating to PT Golden Agin Nusa, certain services used, or PT Golden Agin Nusa products or services. This information can be sent via electronic mail, SMS (short messaging services), and / or other means using your registration information.

10.2 Where applicable, you will be responsible for any costs or fees incurred by wireless service packages related to receiving communications relating to the service used or authorized communication. Regarding information not related to the service, you will be given the opportunity to stop receiving.

10.3 For more information on the collection and use of personal information, see the terms of our Privacy Policy.




11.1 Your use of this Site is at your own risk. The Site (which includes all Content and functions provided on or accessible through the Site) is provided "as is" and "as available".

11.2 To the extent permitted by law, with respect to Content on the Site, we make no representations or warranties of any kind for:

11.2.1 Accuracy, eligibility to be traded, suitability for specific purposes, and non-infringement of Content published on or available through the Site;

11.2.2 That the server that provides this Site is free from viruses or other components that can spread the site, harm or cause damage to computer equipment or other property when you access, browse, download from or use the Site; or

11.3 That your use or utilization of the service will not be interrupted or error free.

11.4 Under any circumstances, including but not limited to our negligence, we are not responsible for any consequential, direct, incidental, indirect, sanctioned or special damages related to:

11.4.1 Usage;

11.4.2 Inability to use; or

11.4.3 Errors or omissions in Content and functionality of the Site.



12.1 This site is available in two versions, namely Indonesian and English. If there are differences in interpretation between the two versions, then the Indonesian language version will apply.

12.2 These Terms of Use and any additional terms stated on the Site, together constitute the entire agreement between us and you regarding your use of the Site.