PT. Golden Agin Nusa, which was founded in 1980, has various histories from its inception to the present.

About Us

Company History

PT. Golden Agin Nusa is a manufacture company that has been concentrating and contributing in the progress of agriculture, livestock, health and construction industry.

  • 1980


    PT. Golden Agin Nusa was established in 1980, at Depok, West Java been commercially produced since 1981 by producing products that we know as a product Sprayer, Fogging machine, steel door, and fireproof door.
  • 1981


    Since 1981 until now, PT. Golden Agin Nusa conducts market development in the Philippines.
  • 2008


    In 2008, PT. Golden Agin Nusa began manufacturing Fogging Machines with SWANFOG and GOLDENFOG Brands.
  • 2014


    PT. Golden Agin Nusa officially moved from its previous address to Citeureup , West Java Province, at 2014