PT. Golden Agin Nusa is a manufacture company that has been concentrating and contributing in the progress of agriculture, livestock, health and construction industry. It started from an enterpreneur who has a great mission and big ambission the founder,

About Us

Solution for agriculture equipment.

PT. Golden Agin Nusa is a manufacturing company that has been concentrating and contributing to the progress of agriculture, livestock, health, and construction. It started from an entrepreneur who had a great mission and ambition, Our founder Mr. Djohar Tobing established this company on April 11, 1980, until this moment.

To make PT Golden Agin Nusa a reputable "Leading Company" in Indonesia in building, developing, and producing quality products and placing popular brands that can gain loyal love and appreciation in the hearts of customers.


- We work professionally to build a better future.

- We continuously strive to improve competence through "Learning and Growth" so that the products and services produced are of high quality and able to improve "Outcome for the Company".

- We build Internal Business Processes to produce Products / Services that are environmentally friendly, reduce social impacts, and are in line with the demands of Industry 4.0.

- We provide the best service to customer needs to increase customer satisfaction.

We always have a responsible, discipline and creative working ethics including in the production process that running systematically and sustainable

We always improved our research and development department / to create a high quality of products that can  be competed in local and global markets / by also following the standard of SNI-ISO 9001:2015 that we have achieved.