18 Mar 2024 | 14:45:08

Prima Grand Draco Corporation

Was formed in Dec 2013 to service the Tung Ho sprayer market in all region of  Philippines, Considering the farmer needs of good quality and durable Tung Ho sprayer. The Golden Agin Tung Ho and  Swan Sprayer is made to fulfill various uses and demand for agriculture, industrial, garden, mining, sanitary/public  health, etc. We are also continuously working to improve our product quality, design, functionality and safety.

Has become our commitment in providing good quality sprayer, after sales service, genuine  spare parts available, on time delivery and faster communication.

We are ready to cooperate with all customers for improving our products and sharing knowledge to farmers the benefits of GOLDEN AGIN TUNG HO SPRAYER.

Dec 2013 was the historical moment for the establishment of PRIMA GRAND DRACO CORPORATION, a company that providing, trading & distributor of various kind of products. The key focus of team is providing personal service and proactive advise to customers. We listen to our customers, seek to understand their vision and their needs and support their goals.

We are committed to provide the best products to our customers, which makes their work easier and comfortable. Golden Agin Tung Ho and Swan sprayer is easy to operate, easy to maintain and durable.

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