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4 Containers of SNI Certified Hand Sprayers Exported to the Philippine

JAKARTA - Manufacturer of agricultural tools and machinery, PT Golden Agin Nusa exported four containers (40 feet) of hand sprayers to the Philippines. This locally made agricultural equipment product has also obtained an Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certificate.

The export release ceremony held in Bogor on Tuesday (30/11/2021) was attended by Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Companies (Alsintani) Mindo Sianipar and representative officials from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Ministry of Industry (MOI), and Ministry of Trade (MOT).

In his speech, Mindo Sianipar emphasized the importance of the role of domestic companies, especially the commodity of agricultural tools and machinery in Indonesia in order to advance the agricultural sector in the country.

Mindo also appreciated the achievements of the Alsintani members who successfully exported the Swan brand Hand Sprayer to the Philippines. "This means that PT Golden Agin Nusa not only exists in the country, but even exists abroad," he said, quoted on Thursday (2/12/2021).

He also hopes that the existence of locally made agricultural equipment products can reduce imports and encourage related ministries / agencies to prioritize domestic producers who have SNI certification and Domestic Component Level (TKDN) to be selected as government partners in meeting the needs of agricultural equipment and machinery.

Ivan Fithriyanto, Director of Circulating Goods and Services Supervision of the Ministry of Trade, also emphasized the importance of the Proud to be Made in Indonesia movement and appreciated the steps of PT Golden Agin Nusa, which has exported SNI-certified products so that the quality is guaranteed.

In the future, his party also supports and provides access for quality local products to be able to participate in trade events held by the Ministry of Trade as a promotional event both on a national and international scale.

Similarly, Head of Sub-Directorate of Tooling Machinery Industry and Agricultural Machine Tools of the Ministry of Industry Hendro Luckyanto also emphasized his support for domestic products to be selected for domestic needs. This is in accordance with a new provision from the government that if the goods have SNI and have a Domestic Content Level (TKDN) above 40% then the product must be selected for procurement activities by the government.

Source : https://ekbis.sindonews.com/read/616911/34/4-kontainer-hand-sprayer-bersertifikat-sni-diekspor-ke-filipina-1638454334

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